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Empire Economy

Mar 24, 2017
Empire Economy
  • The Empire Economy

    The Empire economy system is designed to encourage members of The Empire Gaming Network (The EGN) to use the site and get rewarded for doing so! Earning points is easy, and spending them is even easier. You can earn them by simply using the website, and purchase "Items" from within our shop system.

    Points awarded breakdown:
    Here is the breakdown of how points are earned and how much.

    • Registration - 100 Credits
    • Daily Login - 10 + Random amount up to 50 extra
    • New Topic - 2 Credits
    • New Reply - 1 Credit
    • Your Reply/Topic 'Liked' - 5 Credits
    • You Like a Reply/Topic - 2 Credits
    • Vote in a Poll - 5 Credits
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