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My Anticipate PlayStation 4 Games

Release: March 23rd |Level-5| Also on: PC
I love a good RPG. I also love great animation. When you combine the two you will grab my attention. When you also add in two creators from Studio Ghibli, I'll throw money at you. Just watch the trailer and you'll be excited like I am for this new installment of Ni No Kuni and the adventure it promises.

Detroit: Become Human
Release: May 25th | Quantic Dream | PlayStation Exclusive
What Started out as a PS3 tech demo back in 2012, Quantic Dream sets out to answer the many questions fans had about Kara. What happens to her after she leaves the factory? We will soon see in Detroit: Become Human as we follow her and many other androids as they begin to develop emotions and try to figure out their place in society. With the excellent storytelling that Quantic Dream has done in the past with Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, I am extremely hyped for this game.

Release: April 17th |
Sega | PlayStation Exclusive
If you're like me and haven't played the previous Yakuza games, don't fret, everything I've seen about this game will still allow you to enjoy it and not feel left out. I've always wanted to play this series and I'm excited for this one to come out so I can finally see what the commotion is about.

Release: April 20th | Sony Interactive Entertainment | PlayStation Exclusive
Kratos and his kid take on the world of Norse mythology? It's on like fuckin' donkey kong! Can't get much more hype than that.

Days Gone
Release: TBA | SIE Bend Studio | PlayStation Exclusive
I've been kind of burnt out on zombies, but this looks like a great story, great open world exploration, and fun gameplay! I'm keeping this on my radar and hope it gets a release date soon.

Release: May 25th | Bandi Namco Games | Also On: Xbox, PC, Switch

I fell in love with the Dark Soul series early on when I discovered Demon Souls. It was an unknown game that not many people played, but it was hard, compelling and enjoyable. Dark Souls to me is one of my favorites of all the games and I am super excited to replay this great game on the PS4.

What games are you looking forward to?


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