Game Lets play the "Tell me a story" game

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Feb 17, 2017
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So lets play a game.

Heres how we play, I will start a story with a single sentence. The next poster continues the story with a single sentence. The poster after that continues the story with a single sentence, and so on.

-You can only continue on with the story from the last post. So if i post something, then say @Words For Sale posts something, the next poster will base their part off of @Words For Sale last reply
-You may not END the story. This story will continue on and on till have nothing more
-No NSFW content, keep it family friendly....ish...basically if it can be put in a PG-13 movie, it can be in our story.

And so we begin:

"A man walks into a bar he found along a lonley street; the only patrons around are the bar tender, an old man at the middle of the bar, a couple sitting by themselves, and a person at the far end of the bar in the dark."

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