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Overwatch: Hammond Comes in like a Wrecking Ball 1

Overwatch: Hammond Comes in like a Wrecking Ball

Blizzard officially announced it’s the 28th hero for Overwatch, and it’s a chubby little hamster named Hammond, or as he is better known as, Wrecking ball. This tenacious rodent is a new tank class character that has modified a spherical escape pod into a quadruped mech. It comes equipped with four high impact, high spread cannons to wreak havoc within the fray of combat. It utilizes an adaptive shield that is more powerful the more enemies are around you, allowing you to get into the middle of a big group and cause a lot of disruption. Not only that, but Wreckingball can also transform into… well a ball and roll around causing damage to enemies. It also has a hook that you can latch onto the environment allowing you to swing around launch yourself into the air and smashing into the ground by pressing the crouch button. His Ultimate is Minefield, which lays out a “massive” field of mines that detonate when enemies come near to them. The mines do take some time to arm and have a noticeable audible and visual queue to allow players time to move away.



Hammond has already made his live debut in the PTR servers on PC, so if you play on PC go check out or new furry little friend. The new update has also been released on the PTR, which you can access through the Battle.net app’s Region/Account drop-down menu. There’s no word on how long the PTR will be available or when Wrecking Ball will be released in the live game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One so hop on your chance now.

There are also several hero updates to damage drop-offs, ability changes, and even assault maps getting a time reduction from 5 minutes to 4 minutes to capture the objective. Plus the usual bug fixes to the game and characters. For full details on the newest patch notes visit here.

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