How do you feel about loot boxes?

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Over the past several years we have a seen a surge of games including loot boxes. Most dare only to allow cosmetic items within them that don’t affect gameplay, some *cough EA* have tried to include items that DO alter the gaming experience. While EA did fail horribly and the community fought back, do you think that will be the last time a company will try something like that? Companies always look for ways to earn money, and while it failed this time, who says it won’t fail in a couple years? What are your thoughts on the “pay to win” games that already exist? Sure most are mobile or browser games, but with SW:BFII we saw the first attempt into the mainstream.

The second big controversy is the idea that loot boxes promote gambling. Paying money for random items that you “win.” Do you agree with that thought process, or is it total hogwash? Would you rather see a less random system for cosmetic items instead of loot boxes?

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