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E3 Recap Day 3 - Sony 1

E3 Recap Day 3 – Sony

Sony tried to make their E3 conference one remember, and they did succeed in multiple ways. However, it wasn’t all good. As a spectator from home, I was a bit confused when they opened inside a tent. After a few mediocre jokes, it seemed to be clear what they were trying. Sony was trying to provide a much deeper and meaningful experience. They wanted to connect with the audience on a deeper level along with showcasing their upcoming games. I was excited since I love immersive experiences. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as well as I hoped.

When Sony announced Gustavo Santaolalla was taking the stage, you could feel the energy because you knew exactly what was coming. His performance was great, and when they showed the Trailer for The Last of Us everything came together quite nicely. Most of all, it connected the tent, music, and trailer together making a great experience for people to enjoy. However, the Sony presentation was cut off abruptly without warning or notice so they could move the audience to another building. It disconnected the experience and ruined the flow of the remaining conference. The magic and immersion were cut off, therefore ruining the entire connection Sony was attempting to create.

Despite the subpar attempt at creating a totally immersive experience, Sony’s conference was still exciting because of the content they showcased.


Upcoming video games

The Last of Us 2

By far one of the most anticipated games being released by Sony. If you have a PlayStation then you have played the first iteration of this series, and if you haven’t then you need to right now. Don’t keep reading, just drop everything and play this game. The first game was about survival and creating bonds of love and friendship. From what information we have of Last of Us 2, one can imagine a much different scenario. A struggle of inner demons, hatred and a quest for vengeance. We don’t know why Ellie is out on such a ruthless warpath, but we do know that it is brutal and unforgiving.

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch’s latest new game creates a vibrant, brutal and breathtaking look at ancient Japan and I couldn’t be more excited. Jin is one of the few remaining samurais who is fighting off the Mongol invasion of Japan. As you traverse beautiful landscapes, cut down enemies, and explore the depth of character and story, you will adapt and learn to survive in this new world of ancient Japan.

Resident Evil 2

A classic is reborn in high definition and it looks amazing. This is everything a Resident Evil remake should look like.

Death Stranding

Even with a new trailer that has gameplay footage, we still have no idea what is going on or what you will be doing in the game. It makes the game intriguing, but also frustrating since after all this time we still have no real information. We’ll just have to wait and see and trust in Kojima.

Spider Man

We got the first look at real gameplay this time around and it looks amazing(pun intended)! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a great superhero video game and we may very well be getting one soon. The graphics look gorgeous, the combat is seamless and it does a fantastic job making feel like Spider-Mann as well.

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