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E3 Recap Day 2 - Bethesda 1

E3 Recap Day 2 – Bethesda

Bethesda took us for a roller coaster ride of exciting announcements that have left some a little bit shocked. Overall the show was exactly what Bethesda wanted, a controlled reveal to shock and amaze their fans. Bethesda is taking some risks, and they know it can blow up in their faces. To control the potential backlash, they gave us a little extra to soften the blow. For me, it worked really well and I am legitimately excited for the upcoming Bethesda releases. However, I know not everyone is happy with what they saw this E3. 

At first, it seems that the conference was just full of big news after big news, but after the amazement wore off you can see the truth. The truth is we are in for some big changes that people will not like. Gamers don’t like change, especially when it comes to one of their beloved franchises. We aren’t used to this pushing the boundaries Bethesda. We are used to specific types of games, with great storytelling, and familiar settings. This is what we come to expect from Bethesda. I am happy they are trying new things and hope it leads to even better gaming experiences.



Accompanied by a performance of Andrew WK, Rage 2 was officially revealed with amazing fanfare. This reveal was to be expected after Walmart Canada let it slip a bit early a couple weeks ago. Not only did we get a fantastic trailer, we also go information about the collector’s edition as well. It will feature a talking head from the game, a steelbook case of the game, and several other goodies.

E3 Recap Day 2 - Bethesda 2


Doom Eternal

Sequel to the critically acclaimed reboot was teased with much excitement and promises of “hell on Earth.” We were also promised by executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin, Doom Eternal will feature “twice as many demons” as the previous Doom. More information will be given at Quakecon later this year in August.


Wolfenstein: Youngbloods

Yet another addition to one of Bethesda’s other critically claimed series comes in the form of Wolfenstein: Youngbloods. Where you’ll be killing Nazi’s as B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters in a co-op adventure. So if you were not quite satisfied with your previous Nazi killing extravaganza, grab a friend and take them down together sometime in 2019.

Fallout 76

The release is November 14th. Yes, there is an awesome collectors edition.

Remember I said there were big changes coming? Well, this is where we are going to find the most ambitious changes Bethesda announced. Fans were hyped after they announced Fall Out 76 prior to E3 and were left with many questions. Here is what we know so far.

Fallout 76 will be all online with no NPCs outside of some robots. That means every human you see will be a player. It also means that human you see has the potential to be an enemy or an ally. While Todd Howard did say the PvP (player vs player) system is still being dialed in, they do want a level of drama involved within the game to keep it exciting.

VATS are in the game, but they are in real time. Your character will develop ways to increase your aiming so you won’t have to worry too much about being really good at shooting games like Fortnite, CoD, or Battlefield to be competitive in PvP.

Mods will not be available at the launch of the game, but it is something they want at a later date. Howard said, “We love mods, so we are 100% committed to doing that for 76 as well.” Eventually, “You’ll be able to have your own private world and mod it.” Hopefully, this means private servers that players can control and host for friends and others alike.

You can play the game solo, but it is still online. No matter your play style, it will be online and there is no option to play offline currently. Every human is another player, but you don’t have to interact with them.

Watch the full reveal for more information.

Watch Todd Howard on YouTube Live at E3


Brand New IP by Bethesda was announced, but little information was presented. We can safely assume it will take place in Space, but not in what capacity. I look forward to this new adventure and I am sure it will be just as epic as their previous titles.

Elder Scrolls VI

That’s right, a new Elder Scrolls game. However, we only know the logo, a little scenery and the familiar music of Skyrim. That could just be a distractor to mess with people and their theories, or it could be a continuation of the Skyrim story. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out more, but I wouldn’t expect anything until next year.

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