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Words For Sales

E3 2018 Tickets

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Public tickets go on sale soon and here is the low down for those interested.

Last year E3 was open to the public for the first time ever, and this year is continuing that trend. Announced today E3 tickets will go on sale February 12th. Want in on the fun and excitement of the gaming industries mind-blowing announcements and be among the first to know? Better set a reminder for 12 PM ET to grab one of the few tickets that will be available. Last year E3 allowed 15,000 tickets to be sold to the public, but have not announced how many will be available this year.

According to the registration page, the first 1,000 tickets will be $150, followed by a $100 increase after those are sold out. If you want to be one of the lucky 1,000, better be fast with those clicks, as they will likely sell out fast.

A gamer pass gains you access to show floor, panel...

My Anticipate PlayStation 4 Games

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Release: March 23rd |Level-5| Also on: PC
I love a good RPG. I also love great animation. When you combine the two you will grab my attention. When you also add in two creators from Studio Ghibli, I'll throw money at you. Just watch the trailer and you'll be excited like I am for this new installment of Ni No Kuni and the adventure it promises.

Detroit: Become Human
Release: May 25th | Quantic Dream | PlayStation Exclusive
What Started out as a PS3 tech demo back in 2012, Quantic Dream sets out to answer the many questions fans had about Kara. What happens to her after she leaves the factory? We will soon see in Detroit: Become Human as we follow her and many other androids as they begin to...

The Great Cpu War Of 2018

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So you want to build that perfect gaming PC you’ve been dreaming and saving up for? Well, I hope you still have some patience left, because you’ll probably be waiting on your shiny new graphics card for a little while. For the past few weeks, there has been a new shortage of GPUs and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon.

With the recent surge in cryptocurrency this past December, a new surge of crypto miners has been purging major retailers shelves of their precious graphics cards. The reason being is that in order for them to mine that digital gold, they need a beefy computer to do so, which in turn jacks up the prices of GPUs. Production of these cards just can’t keep up with the new demand, leaving a lot of non-miners put out and waiting to build or upgrade their PC.

How bad is it?
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 back in April was as low as $200, but now you can’t even find it through most retailers and...

Review Destiny 2: The Game That Could Have Been

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If you want to play the full version of Destiny 2, you might want to wait a year or two. By then you might be playing a complete game. You would think the lessons learned from Destiny 1, Bungie would know how to provide players with a polished and complete gaming experience. However, it appears even after the release of Destiny 2’s first DLC content Bungie is still blissfully ignorant. While the popular title was the best selling game in September of 2017, the apparent effect of the incomplete hodgepodge Destiny 2 has turned out to have steadily decreased in momentum. What has caused such a potentially great game to fall short of expectations amongst gamers? Here’s my take on personal experience and observations.

One of the biggest and most influential reasons players might have an adverse reaction to Destiny 2 is the way Bungie has set up microtransactions. While this system isn’t nearly as bad as some “pay to win” scandals, like the recent Battlefield II...

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