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4 Alternatives to Streaming other than Twitch 1

4 Alternatives to Streaming other than Twitch

Even if you are not a streamer, you probably have heard about gamers streaming themselves playing video games on Twitch. Most especially with the recent growth in popularity that Ninja has brought to the platform. He’s doing a wonderful job normalizing streaming and showing a new path content creators could potentially take. However, while it’s great that millions of hours are spent watching on Twitch, it can be difficult to find your niche within that massive community. So here are 4 alternatives to streaming other than Twitch. Some of these you may have heard of, but others you may not have even considered. While there are many more services out there, I feel these 4 have unique qualities that make them stand out among the others.

4 Alternatives to Streaming other than Twitch 2

Microsoft has a pretty strong foothold within the streaming community. This growing service offers users a Faster Than Light(FTL) streaming protocol, which provides less than a second of latency between what is in-game and what is being streamed to viewers. This allows a much more real-time experience for users and the streamer, as most other services usually have a 10-20 second delay between the game and stream. Not only does Mixer provide a seamless experience, it also promotes interactivity with the use of sparks. Sparks and Experience points are earned by streaming and watching other people stream. These unique features add an extra layer of interactivity between the viewer and streamer. You can even directly interact with players while they’re playing games like Minecraft and many others. Mixer also has some nice perks for Xbox players as the application is integrated within the operating system, so you’re just a couple clicks away from sharing your gameplay. Not only that, but it also allows you to use any USB webcam and has several overlay options for Xbox One players. Lastly, Mixer has a great co-streaming feature that allows you and 3 others to stream to the same location. So if you’re playing Squads in Fortnite or PUBG, viewers can see the action from any vantage point.

4 Alternatives to Streaming other than Twitch 3

It’s not so surprising that YouTube would also seek to take a piece of the streaming community pie. YouTube Gaming offers a new look to the classic video version of YouTube that is special for its gaming service. Focusing on both Live and On Demand content, YouTube offers a few unique features that other services do not have. First, you can rewind live broadcasts, which is pretty handy to have if you arrive late to a broadcast of a pro tournament. The only drawback with YouTube is that they do have an algorithm that monitors copyright claims and they don’t always get it right, even when developers are fine with their content being shown in live streams. YouTube has some growing to do, but it can definitely become a great contender to the giant Twitch.

4 Alternatives to Streaming other than Twitch 4

While Facebook wouldn’t be my first thought for streaming, it is certainly worth a look if you like esports. Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V and exclusive streaming rights to the Paladins Premier league. Not only are they being very progressive with esports content, they also introduced a monetization system for their content creators that will surely entice several content creators to the platform. Plus there is an added benefit to utilizing a platform that really hasn’t taken off yet early on in the game. Facebook will be competitive and those that step up to the plate first will benefit the most in the long run. Sometimes it is worth taking a risk of being on the ground floor of something like Facebook Watch. 

4 Alternatives to Streaming other than Twitch 5

Much like Facebook, Stream.me is diving straight into the world of esports. Where they differ from Facebook is that they host their own tournaments, instead of going for the big publishers coming to them. Within the fighting realm, they host an exclusive Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament and War of the Gods for Injustice 2. They also include a PUBG Invitational and a CS:GO tournament as well. Stream.me doesn’t only focus on esports as they have contests for streamers as well that pays out for doing the thing you are already doing. Plus it has ways for viewers to support their favorite streamers even if they don’t have the cash on hand. 

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