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official patch 1.0 (v267) has been deployed with various servers coming online within the coming hours!

You can see the patch notes for ark Here
scarecrow posted a new article:

Factorio Friday begins!

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In 2012, as work on Mass Effect 3 came to a close, a small group of top BioWare employees huddled to talk about the next entry in their epic sci-fi franchise. Their goal, they decided, was to make a game about exploration—one that would dig into the untapped potential of the first three games. Instead of visiting just a few planets, they said, what if you could explore hundreds?

Five years later, it’s hard to find anyone who’s happy with the results. Mass Effect: Andromeda, released in March 2017, disappointed even the biggest fans of BioWare’s longrunning series. The game was widely pilloried, with critics slamming its uneven writing, frequent bugs, and meme-worthy animations (although our own review was just lukewarm). The PS4 version of Andromeda has a 70% on Metacritic, lower than any BioWare game to date, including the ill-advised Sonic Chronicles.

Almost immediately, fans asked how this happened. Why was Andromeda so much worse than its predecessors? How could the revered RPG studio release such an underwhelming game? And, even if the problems were a little exaggerated by the internet’s strange passion for hating BioWare, how could Andromeda ship with so many animation issues?

I’ve spent the past three months investigating the answers to those questions. From conversations with nearly a dozen people who worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda, all of whom spoke under condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to talk about the game, a consistent picture has emerged. The development of Andromeda was turbulent and troubled, marred by a director change, multiple major re-scopes, an understaffed animation team, technological challenges, communication...
Hello Everyone

Over the past couple weeks we have been doing loads of improvements, bring up new servers, expanding our reach out to the world of gaming, but we want to do more. But to be honest, we're not really sure where to go from here, that's where you as our members come in!

Please vote on what you would like to see come from The EGN.
Hello Citizens!

I'd like to announce the beginning of the Empire Lottery!

As a way to give back to the community, we will be doing a weekly, and monthly, lottery with rewards ranging from winning additional Empire Credits, Amazon gift cards, and even Video games!

Its simple to enter! By being a member of the site, you automatically gaming Empire Credits as you use the site, such as making new posts, replying, logging in, and more! When you have 100 points, just go to the Empire Shop Lottery area and purchase tickets and pick your numbers!

How to play (Weekly Lottery | 100 Credits Per Ticket):

  1. Purchase a Lottery ticket
  2. Pick 7 Numbers ranging from 1-50 for each ticket you buy.
  3. Each Friday, 7 numbers will be picked, plus 2 additional Bonus numbers.
  4. Match those numbers, and win!
How to play (Monthly Lottery | 500 Credits Per Ticket):
  1. Purchase a Lottery ticket
  2. Pick 10 Numbers ranging from 1-100 for each ticket you buy.
  3. Each Friday, 10 numbers will be picked, plus 3 additional Bonus numbers.
  4. Match those numbers, and win!
Weekly Prizes:
Prize 1: Get 1 Number correct - Win 100 Empire Credits
Prize 2: Get 4 Numbers correct - Win 500 Empire Credits
Prize 3: Get 7 + 2 Bonus Numbers correct - Win $25 Amazon Gift card + 1000 Empire Credits

Monthly Prizes:
Prize 1: Get 2 Number correct - Win 500 Empire Credits
Prize 2: Get 4 Numbers correct - Win 1000 Empire Credits
Prize 3: Get 6 Number correct - Win 3000 Empire Credits
Prize 4: Get 8 Numbers correct - Win 5000 Empire Credits...
Greetings Everyone!

First off, Welcome to The Empire Gaming, We've been doing a lot of work over the last few weeks to get things all nice and proper for everyone to start coming in. I'd like to get an update on all the things we are doing!

The Empire Bot

For those of you who frequent our discord, you know we've been working on setting up a bot to help us manage things around the chat channels. You've probably seen empire bot around, spamming the bot-spam with level ups and announcements. He's build from the base GAwesome Bot, and expanded upon by us over the last few weeks.

Currently, at the time of writing this, Shes in over 100 servers and doing well!

With EmpireBot, you'll be able to see when our streamers our currently online, search our website for new posts, see up to date news from us as its posted and so much more, aswell as get funny jokes, or even have a conversation with him!

If you run a discord server, Check him out! https://bot.theegn.com/

Shop and Points system

So the shop and points system is finally all set up and ready to go. You will now be able to gain points (Or known as Empire Credits) by using the website, and just being an active member of the community. You can then spend those points on shop items such as Fun cosmetic items to change your username color, title, and such, or even auto-bump posts you make.

The point break down is as such (Can also be found here):
  • Registration - 100 Credits
  • Daily Login - 10 + Random amount up to 50 extra
  • New Topic - 2 Credits
  • New Reply - 1 Credit
  • Your...